Creative Work

Composition; Improvisation and Interpretation; Aesthetics of Music and the Arts; Maltese Music with special reference to the Music of Charles Camilleri; Music Education.

Ġgantija II performance at Leonard Nemoy Theatre, New York
Creative and performing work​

2006: Composed an Ave Maria (for harp and voice), which was commissioned by St. John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation. It was premiered on the 9th June of the same year as part of the Unum Deum Sacred Music Festival at St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta.

2007: Silence of the Soul was chosen in a competition in UK and was performed on the 6th January by the Kokoro Ensemble during a workshop held at Bristol University.

2007: Piano Solo work Oriental Prints was performed in August 20th and recorded live by Dunelm Records during one of the concerts held in one of the School’s halls as part of the 7th International Festival of Pianists at Chetham School of Music in Manchester.

2008: On the 29th August, some of my chamber works were performed in a self-organised concert in aid of Dar Guzeppa Debono, held at the Citadel Centre for Culture and the Arts, Victoria, Gozo.

2008: On July 15th, Gaudos – a work for a chamber ensemble – was performed by the Italian Ensemble Fisarchi at Millstadt, Austria.

2008: On the 21st December, string quartet Heartstrings I was performed at Sala Isouard, Teatru Manoel, Valletta, Malta.

2009: On the 31st March, on the occasion of the Maltese National Feast of Freedom Day, a concert was organised by the National and Regional Celebrations Committee at the Gozo Ministry Hall, Victoria, Gozo. During this concert, three of my compositions were performed by a string quartet and a pianist.

2009: On May 7th, Cosmos Wind Quartet played one of my pieces entitled Clarinet Reflections, as part of the concert held in Munich during the Musica Mediterranea Festival.

2009: During the European Union Piano Competition 2009, organised by the International Dvořák Society, held between the 24th to the 29th June, Alexei Galea, a Maltese pianist played my piano solo work Opus I. Galea was awarded a diploma for interpretation.

2009: On the 28th July, Colpi D’Armonia – a piece for chamber ensemble – was performed by the Italian Ensemble Fisarchi during the Festival Cantiere internazionale d´arte at Montepulciano, Italy.

2009: On December 17th, some of my chamber works were performed at Sala Isouard, Teatru Manoel, Valletta, as part of the Spotlight Concert Series.

2010: On the 29th January, piano work Opus I was performed by Russian pianist Professor Yuri Didenko at Sala Isouard, Teatru Manoel, Valletta, as part of the Piano Festival.

2010: On the 15th February, pianist Alexei Galea performed Oriental Prints and Opus I in a piano recital at San Anton Palace, Rabat, Malta, under the patronage of the President and his wife.

2011: On the 25th January, Lang Quartet together with harpist Esmeralda Camilleri performed some of my chamber works at St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta

2011: On July 10th, the project Daria’s Vision was launched during a life performance at St James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta.

2011: On the 10th December, piano piece One day in November was performed by young pianist Michaela Mifsud during an event, organised by the Malta Association for Contemporary Music in collaboration with Trinity College London, at St. James Cavalier, Valletta. For this particular event ten Maltese composers were selected to write new piano works for children.

2011: On the 10th December, two of my works January (dedicated to Composer Charles Camilleri) and Waiting were performed in a self-organised concert at the main hall of the Teatru Manoel. The concert, Crossing Lines, was performed by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Mro. Brian Schembri. The event was videoed by Citadel Victoria Communications.

2013: On the 21st June my work Ġgantija 2013 was performed at the Ġgantija Temples together with artistic installations by Victor Agius.

2014: On the 6th August my electro-acoustic work Ġgantija II has been priemered at Saint John’s Cavalier, Valetta in collaboration with visual artist Victor Agius.

2016: On the 5th April Ġgantija II was performed as part of the project ‘Two Sides of Seidler: A Tribute’ by Orchestra of Our Time, performed at the Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Peter Norton Symphony Space, NY. Composers and Performers taking part in this project: Gregory Aslani, John Cage, Mariella Cassar-Cordina, Ann Crumb, Humberto Delolmo, Alexey Gorokolevsky (Aka Kronodigger), Kathy Halvorson, Jaqui Horner-Kwiatek, Dary John-Mizelle, Noavara Persian Ensemble, Homayoon Beigi-Director, Orchestra of Our Time, Joel Thome-Music Director/Conductor, Scorchio Quartet, Martha Mooke-Artistic Director, Alan Seidler and David Sherr and Jaqui Horner-Kwiatek

2016: On the 2nd and 3rd November 2016, my choral work Tmiem was performed as part of the interdisciplinary project Layers in collaboration with visual artist Victor Agius, and Maltese writer Immanuel Mifsud under the curation of visual artist Vince Briffa.

2016: On the 19th December 2016 work Li Bqajna was performed at Hotel Splendid, Strada Stretta, Valletta. This project was a collaboration with visual artist Carmen Aquilina, The New Victorians singers and dancer Eleonor Fae as part of the Strada Stretta Concept.

2017: On the 5th March my composition ‘January’ dedicated to Prof Charles Camilleri was performed by the Bursa Symphony Orchestra, Turkey at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta under the baton of Alexei Galea Cavallazzi.

2018: On the 19th January Maltese pianist Tricia Dawn Williams performed by piano work Oriental Prints in Sofia, Bulgaria as part of a piano recital featuring Maltese composers.

2019: On the 11th May took part in the project Haġarna for the launch of the artistic work of Victor Agius at Xaghra, Gozo, with my work ġ for solo violin.

2019: On the 29th June my work Reflections for strings and accordion was performed as part of the opening of The Malta International Arts Festival held on a floating stage in Valletta.

2019: Recording by Parma Recordings of string composition Waiting as part of the recording project of works by Maltese composers by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

2020: Sonos Civitatem MMXX interdisciplinare project as part of 10001 Undercurrent NY, with the collaboration of artist Nicola Ginzel. 

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